ANI Automatic Number Identification

Did you know that placing international calls directly through your GSM can cost you up to ten times more than the price offered by P-Tel? To address this expensive problem, we have developed an innovative service to reduce your GSM phone bill by at least 50% when calling international destinations!

The P-Tel ANI service allows you to make international phone calls directly from your GSM at the same low rates that you enjoy on your fixed phone line. You even get to select at least 2 preferred countries that you call at discounted rates.

Who Uses ANI

You are on the move all day and you often need to make international phone calls from your GSM because you don’t have accessed to your fixed phone line. Maybe you simply don’t have a fixed phone line, and you rely entirely on your GSM for all your phone calls. In either case, P-Tel’s ANI service is made just for you!

Our service is for anybody who wishes to pay less when calling international numbers on their GSM.

How ANI works

After submitting a duly completed and signed registration form, P-Tel will activate the ANI service for your GSM number within 24 hours. When the service is activated, you just have to dial our local access number and follow these steps:

  • At the voice prompt, you dial your destination number (00 + country code + phone number),
  • and wait for your call to be connected using P-Tel’s advantageous prices.

All calls that were made using the ANI service will appear on your next invoice from P-Tel.

You should read our FAQ to make the ANI service work entirely automatically on your phone.

Key Features

  • Make high quality international calls from your GSM at ultra-competitive rates
  • Select your own preferred destinations with even lower rates !
  • Does not require any particular installation
  • No additional equipment to buy
  • No subscription fees
  • No minimum contract duration
  • You don't have to cancel your existing service