Poor Voice Quality To Certain Destinations

Certain destinations do not always provide the same excellent quality we have all become used to in this competitive global telecommunications market. PTEL has a dedicated team of Quality Controllers who do their best to ensure crystal clear quality to all destinations. However, in the unlucky event that call did not satisfy your quality expectations, we will gladly refund the unsatisfactory call so that you may try again once the problem is fixed. Feel free to contact our support team at any time.

Do I Have to Dial the Local Access Number Everytime I Use the ANI Service?

You must dial our local access number in order for P-Tel to reroute your call on its own network and allow you to pay less. This operation can be easily automated to make the ANI service as easy as placing a direct call:

  • On SonyEricsson GSM phones, you can use the “Calling Card” function to automatically dial the local access number and send your selected destination number to our network. Please consult your GSM user manual or contact your SonyEricsson dealer to activate this function.
  • On Nokia GSM phones, you can store our local access number on your QuickDial buttons and use the “Send DTMF Tones” function to quickly send us the desired destination number from your GSM address book.
  • On GSM phones that support Java applications you can install the CallingCardDialer by Hamidou Diallo to automatically dial our access number and input your desired destination number.
  • Windows Mobile software developers Sunnysoft has recently released an application that handles the whole process of using prepaid calling cards to make cheaper calls for you. It is called Sunnysoft Calling Card and is meant to work on any Windows Mobile 2005 Phone Edition device.

Will I Be Charged Extra for Using the Local Access Number?

When you place an international phone call using P-Tel’s ANI service, you will be charged by your GSM operator for a call to a fixed line in Belgium, plus P-Tel will charge you for the cost of the international call. The sum of these charges will be at least 50% cheaper than if you make the international directly without using the ANI service.

Check with your GSM operator to see if he has a service plan that allows you to make unlimited national calls in Belgium. This way you will not pay for the call to our local access number when using the ANI service.

Certain GSM operators also offer a feature that allows you to call specific numbers at lower rates. Ask your operator to add our local access number to this list.