CS 1616 - Carrier Select
CPS Carrier Pre-Select

P-Tel’s 1616 - Carrier Select/Carrier Pre-Select services do not require any physical changes to your telephony installation nor do they imply any additional costs: they just allow you to make huge savings on your telephone bills! P-Tel offers the lowest rates for both national and international calls in Belgium.

The 1616 - Carrier Select service allows you to choose exactly when you want to use P-Tel’s advantageous rates. You can continue to use your existing telephony service provider for your calls, and then selectively decide to make certain calls through P-Tel’s network.

The Carrier Pre-Select service lets you send all your calls with P-Tel’s great prices without being obliged to remember to dial the 1616 before each call.

Join P-Tel’s dynamic customer base and enjoy an exceptional service at ultra-competitive rates. You can activate our service on your telephone numbers quickly and easily by filling out a registration form and sending it to us today!

Who Uses 1616 - Carrier Select/Carrier Pre-Select ?

If you are tired of calling at high prices, paying enormous subscription fees or you simply do not want to be locked in to a long-term contract in order to pay better prices, then P-Tel’s 1616 - Carrier Select/Carrier Pre-Select services are just right for you !

  • P-Tel’s standard rates are some of the lowest offered in Belgium for national and international calls to fixed and mobile phones. In addition, all our clients can choose at least 2 preferred countries on which we offer even lower prices.
  • P-Tel does not charge any subscriptions fees for its services: all you will ever pay for with P-Tel are real minutes spent talking on the phone with your friends and family. In other words, if you decide not to call anybody using our service, you don’t have to pay us anything.
  • P-Tel’s service contracts are extremely flexible – we do not require you to sign-up for any prolonged period and we do not charge any penalty fees if you decide to change service provider at a later date. Signing up with P-Tel is absolutely risk free, so don’t hesitate to try us out whenever you want.

How 1616 - Carrier Select/Carrier Pre-Select works

You must send P-Tel a complete and signed registration form with your phone number before you can use our 1616 - Carrier Select/Carrier Pre-Select services.

1616 - Carrier Select

You don't have to cancel your existing telephony subscription to use P-Tel’s Carrier Select service. You just dial the number 1616 + region code + phone number, in order to take advantage of P-Tel’s low rates.

There are no additional fees or additional equipment to buy. Only the calls that you decide to make using the prefix 1616 will be invoiced by P-Tel, all your other calls will be invoiced by your existing service provider.

Carrier Pre-Select

When you sign a Carrier Pre-Select agreement with P-Tel, all your communications will automatically go through the P-Tel service: your local, national and international calls to fixed as well as mobile phones.

Key Features

  • Exceptional service at ultra-competitive rates
  • Select your own preferred destinations with even lower rates !
  • Does not require any particular installation
  • No additional equipment to buy
  • No subscription fees
  • No minimum contract duration
  • You don't have to cancel your existing service