P-Tel Prices & Offers

Standard Prices

P-Tel has a unique pricing structure which is very easy to understand. All P-Tel services are based on a single price list called the "Standard Prices". These prices are much lower than prices available from other competing traditional telephony providers in Belgium.

Preferred Destination Prices

In order to provide you with prices that compete with the latest "Voice-over-IP" offerings, P-Tel also proposes "Preferred Destination Prices". We guarantee these prices to be the lowest on the market! Every P-Tel client can choose at least 2 preferred destinations and enjoy our rock-bottom prices at no extra cost.

Unlimited Calls

If you really call alot to specific destinations, then we have the perfect offer for you. P-Tel offers its Carrier Pre-Select (CPS) clients unlimited calls to several destinations for a fixed subscription fee per month:

Special Offers

On top of our extremely low rates P-Tel periodically provides price reductions on its most popular destinations: